Therapeutic Discovery

Yatiri Bio tailors drug discovery efficacy models (cell lines and organoids) to represent specific molecularly defined subsets of oncology patients (ProteoModelsTM). These cellular and organoid models are built with the data from our proprietary knowledge base and incorporate deep ‘omic analysis. Yatiri Bio offers compound testing in these preclinical models with global proteomic and PTM readout delivering full pathway analysis of therapeutic effects. The biomarker signatures monitored in these models can be readily translated to clinical programs. This rapid turnaround testing can drive focused drug discovery efforts, significantly reducing both the time and cost of research and development.

Matching Patients with Ideal Therapeutics

Using the Yatiri Bio collection of tailored models, our customers can identify novel therapeutic indications and select the ideal patients for their clinical trials. We provide deep pathway analysis at the proteomic level in each model and identify potential areas where the therapeutic shows efficacy as well as a set of robust biomarkers to monitor that efficacy in the clinic. This data in the context of our proteomic database can also illuminate unanticipated mechanisms of action.

Yatiri Bio is continuously adding to our clinical database and developing new model systems. The highly specific models are also ideal for the rational exploration of potential combination therapy. The detailed pathway data that is produced drives rapid iterations to identify the ideal combination with relevant biomarkers