Discovery Proteomics

Global Proteomics

Using high-resolution mass spectrometry, Yatiri Bio offers global proteomics on multiple sample types (cell lines, organoid, tissue, and clinical samples). This technology allows for the unbiased quantitative measurement of a vast array of proteins and peptides. Yatiri Bio has optimized sample processing specific to the sample type, tissue, and indication, to optimize the depth and quality of the data extracted. Data analysis in the context of our proprietary proteomic database, identifies robust biomarker signatures, mechanisms of resistance, and markers for patient selection and/or stratification.

Post Translational Modifications

Post-translational modifications (PTM’s) of proteins are the fundamental signaling mechanisms of biology and function by inducing conformational changes to proteins that can affect activity, stability, or localization. This modulation has downstream consequences that in a disease state yields perturbations that manifest as cancer, drug response, etc.

Yatiri Bio offers tailored PTM enrichment and analysis to discover the signaling pathway(s) of interest, including a pipeline optimized for phosphoproteomics. The most relevant PTM analysis depends significantly on the timing, type, and processing of the samples being analyzed.

Interactive Data

Proteomics and PTM signaling are the pertinent biological readouts that provide a far better correlation to disease pathology than secondary readouts (i.e. Genomics). By moving beyond the single endpoint and exploring unbiased global data Yatiri Bio produces more robust, and often novel, biomarkers. Our interactive data portal, ProteoBrowser TM and ProteoPathway TM allows you to interrogate your data in the context of the Yatiri Bio proteomic and public databases facilitating the conversion of your data into actionable knowledge.