Imagine a world where you could. . .

• Match patients with ideal therapeutics
• Identify robust therapeutic signatures
• Identify resistance mechanisms during a clinical trial
• Tailor tools to predict actual patient outcome
• Discover curative therapies rapidly and efficiently

Exploring the Depths

Our philosophy is that a global, unbiased evaluation of trial phase data, using proteomics, results in a far more direct path to producing treatments and identification of the groups for whom these treatments will be most effective.

Yatiri Bio uses leading-edge proteomics technology in the clinical trial phase to unlock answers regarding (1) drug performance, (2) mechanisms of action, and, most importantly, (3) approaches to patient stratification.

From Data To Knowledge

To help our customers succeed in bringing novel and effective individualized oncology treatments to patients, Yatiri Bio uses clinical trial data combined with existing public databases. Yatiri Bio processes vast data sets and uses our expertise to put these data back in your hands to work toward a better understanding of both the mechanisms by which the drug functions as well as the patient subsets in whom these particular mechanisms will result in positive clinical outcomes. Together, we can capitalize on these previously undervalued and underutilized opportunities.

Revolutionizing Therapeutic Discovery

Yatiri Bio was created to address the inefficiencies of cancer drug discovery and development, while also forging an independent path toward a streamlined use of tools and data in the search for effective therapeutics.
The inherent heterogeneity in cancer patients requires both a new methodology and a systemwide approach. Past experience and data have shown that simple models often lead to expensive failures. We can do better.