Yatiri Bio and Fred Hutch Cancer Center (FHCC) have entered into a Research Collaboration Agreement that focuses on using AML patient proteomic data from the Stirewalt lab processed through Yatiri Bio’s bioinformatic pipeline with the goals of:

  1. Finding correlations between proteomic data and disease progression and/or severity.
  2. Stratifying patient samples into groups highly correlated with established oncology models.
  3. Uncovering biomarkers and pathways of interest for AML.
  4. Investigating the prognostic capabilities of biomarkers with respect to source (marrow vs. blood) and cell population (bulk mononuclear cells vs. AML blasts).
  5. Discovering novel therapeutic targets in AML.

A publication of this work is on track to appear in 1 – 2 years.  A LinkedIn post about this research collaboration can be found at: