Pilgrim Jackson


Pilgrim Jackson, Ph.D. co-founded Yatiri Bio in 2020 and currently serves as CEO. Prior to founding Yatiri Bio Dr. Jackson worked at Celgene for 13 years where he built and lead multidisciplinary teams to tackle challenging drug discovery problems in the areas of inflammation and oncology. Most recently Dr. Jackson was the head of the systems proteomics group, a team specifically built to produce vast amounts of biologically relevant data and, more importantly, turn that data into actionable knowledge. In this capacity he was able to identify numerous novel protein degrader targets.  Additionally, this approach uncovered biological pathways and mechanisms of action that revealed new biomarkers. Dr. Jackson was actively involved in several drug discovery projects that delivered 6 therapeutics to the clinic across biologic, PROTAC, and small molecule modalities, resulting in 4 patents. He received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from University of California Santa Cruz in 2005 and a B.S in Molecular Biochemistry and Biophysics from Yale University in 1998.