Yatiri Bio Inc. is pleased to announce that Professor Jill Mesirov has joined Yatiri Bio as an advisory board member.  Professor Mesirov is a senior institute fellow of the Broad Institute, and associate vice chancellor for computational health sciences and professor of medicine at UC San Diego School of Medicine.  She is a computational scientist that utilizes high-performance computing to solve problems in science, engineering, and business applications. Her research focuses on cancer genomics, applying machine-learning methods to functional data derived from patient tumors. Professor Mesirov supports Yatiri Bio’s machine learning efforts to integrate disparate data streams and extract actionable knowledge from our proteomics data.

Professor Mesirov applies machine-learning and statistical methods to functional genomics data with the goal of better understanding the underlying biological mechanisms of disease, improving stratification of patients with respect to different treatment outcomes, and identifying novel drug targets. The Mesirov lab includes both computational biologists and software engineers working together to further the understanding and treatment of disease.  For more information on Professor Mesirov and her lab, please see https://gpm.ucsd.edu/research/mesirov/index.html.

The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard is a research organization that was founded in 2004.  The Broad Institute is comprised of researchers from MIT, Harvard, and Harvard-affiliated hospitals.   Centered around the promise of genomics, researchers at the Broad Institute develop transformative approaches to biomedical research and apply that insight into the mechanisms of disease.  To learn more about the Broad Institute please visit https://www.broadinstitute.org/.

The Division of Genomics and Precision Medicine at the University of California in San Diego is comprised of faculty members that are at the forefront of ground-breaking research in understanding the genetic basis of health and disease. In addition, they offer a full-service laboratory for clinical genetic counseling and testing.  For more information about the Division of Genomics and Precision Medicine at the University of California in San Diego please see https://gpm.ucsd.edu/about/index.html.