Yatiri Bio Inc. is pleased to announce a collaboration agreement in Ovarian Cancer (OC) with South Coast Gynecologic Oncology, Inc. (SCGOI).  This work will center around the discovery of novel predictive biomarkers and new targets using global proteomics data that are generated from fresh and derivatized OC samples.  Due to the heterogeneity of OC, there is a significant lack of relevant models for either patient selection or the development of novel therapeutics. Yatiri Bio’s technology will facilitate the matching of molecularly defined subsets of patients to tailored cellular model systems.

Dr. Afshin Bahador is a board-certified oncologist who obtained his medical degree from the University of Southern California, where he also completed his residency and fellowship. He is currently the CEO and President of SCGOI.  Dr. Bahador is the principal investigator of numerous IRB-approved biospecimen procurement studies and actively participates in a number of such trials.  For more information about Dr. Bahador, please see his LinkedIn profile at www.linkedin.com/in/afshin-bahador-md-41157a272/.

SCGOI consists of a multidisciplinary team of providers aimed at providing patients and their families with the highest quality of gynecologic care.  They specialize in utilizing minimally invasive surgery and have performed thousands of da Vinci® robotic surgical procedures.  For more information on SCGOI, please visit https://scgoi.com/.